Origin Green

Origin Green is Ireland’s national food and drink sustainability programme, developed by Bord Bia. The programme was developed with the intent to market the commitment of Irish food and drink manufacturers, farmers, and retail and foodservice operators, to producing in a sustainable manner. Ireland enjoys a strong and enduring international reputation as a source of natural, high quality food, drink and ingredients, so in order to drive a further preference for Irish food and drink, Bord Bia launched the Origin Green programme.

What value can Origin Green deliver for your company?

The Origin Green programme provides a structure for Irish food and drink companies to showcase their commitment to producing in a sustainable manner. The ultimate intention is to create a significant point of differentiation for the Irish food and drink industry around the area of sustainability. Bord Bia promotes Origin Green by communicating cumulative improvements under key headings. Please see our most recent Origin Green Sustainability Report for proof of our achievements to date.

Origin Green Sustainability Report Cover Image

Origin Green is also the united brand for Irish food and drink stands at overseas trade fairs. Being a verified member of Origin Green ensures that members can promote their sustainability credentials when exhibiting at such events.

Individual companies can also highlight their improvements and credentials within the area of sustainability as part of an independently verified programme. Successfully communicating sustainability credentials cumulatively and individually will leave companies in a better position to secure long-term business with the growing number of customers that are focusing on sustainability.

Over 40% of our verified members are SME’s

This short video highlights the benefits of participating in the Origin Green programme for you as a small business. Apart from doing right by the planet, doing right by the consumer and your stakeholders, and deeply driving a new level of job satisfaction for staff, there are very clear commercial advantages; not just by acting in more sustainable ways but by having those actions verified as making the difference – stringently, robustly and acknowledged under Origin Green.

What does Origin Green require from companies?

At company level, Origin Green requires individual companies to develop a sustainability plan for their business, which can help reduce costs and enhance their sustainability performance. Areas covered by plans include raw material sourcing, manufacturing processes and social sustainability. Companies are also asked to report on their progress on an annual basis, with this framework enabling companies to get credit for their achievements to date, as well as take advantage of any future efficiencies which may be gained. All sustainability plans and annual reviews are independently verified by the SGS group, a world-leading auditing and conformance body. This helps to highlight the credibility of each company’s achievements and targets.

What support does Bord Bia provide to interested companies?

Bord Bia offers ongoing support to companies as they develop their sustainability plan. Following attendance at a plan development workshop, we ask companies to submit an initial draft plan. Companies are assigned an individual mentor who is on hand to support you when developing your sustainability plan. Bord Bia will review this draft and provide written feedback. We will also meet companies on a one-to-one basis to review the feedback and help them finalise their plan. Bord Bia have also teamed up with Green Business who offer a free Resource Efficiency Assessment to help identify areas of potential savings in energy, water and waste. Bord Bia also provides tools and guidance documents to assist companies in setting targets. There is also a six week Origin Green course available to companies, which will guide you through the development of an Origin Green plan over a more structured basis.

Need help with your Origin Green plan?

No matter how big or small the issue, please feel free to contact us at any stage at OriginGreenSupport@bordbia.ie

Visit www.origingreen.ie for further information.