UCC Thermal Processing Training Course – 2nd & 3rd May 2019

02 May 2019

Who should attend?
R&D, NPD, Operations, Technical, QA, QC personnel involved in formulating, developing, commercialising, manufacturing and troubleshooting any thermally-processed nutritional dairy-based beverages, such as UHT milk, ESL milk, clinical or sports nutrition products, infant formula, enriched milks, flavoured milks, cream liqueurs and elderly nutrition products. 

Benefits of attendance / what will you learn?

  • Update on the underpinning science for heat treatment of milk
  • Enhanced understanding of the chemistry, microbiology, enzymology and physical processes taking place when dairy-based products are heated and stored 
  • Applied theoretical learning in a laboratory and pilot plant environment
  • Exposure to latest developments in nutritional product formulation science & technology  
  • Assistance in obtaining more consistent quality and more reliable long term storage
  • Perspectives from UK and global UHT operations
  • Knowledge-exchange with a leading academic and industry consultant
  • Awareness of state of the art in accelerated physical stability testing approaches

For more information please visit the course page HERE.

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