Bord Bia – Brexit

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The decision by the UK to exit the EU represents a significant challenge to Ireland’s agri-food industry.  The UK is Ireland’s largest customer for food and drink. Despite its continuing and expanding global reach, the UK has continued to represent a growth opportunity for the Irish food and drink industry, driven by a strong economy and an increasing population. The UK is a net importer of food and Ireland as an exporter is considered a perfect match. The immediate focus of food and drink exporters, concerns the development in the sterling versus euro relationship, and how to manage the increased volatility that has emerged following the vote. The resilience of the Irish food sector, the longstanding and strong trading relationship between Ireland and the UK, and the close ties between both countries will help the Irish food industry navigate through these uncertain times. Bord Bia will continue to support and work with industry to maintain and build on this vital trading relationship against the background of any new trading arrangements that will be negotiated.

Bord Bia Brexit Briefing, July 2017 .

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