For over 200 years, branding has been seen as a way to build a strong relationship with consumers. When consumers feel emotionally engaged with your brand, this delivers defendable income and profit. So, we brand products to help them be remembered and preferred by our consumers and to bring alive the differences from competition. Branding is a long-term task which can deliver long-term benefits.

branding-workbook-coverBranding is totally consumer focused. Your brand is your promise to your consumer. It tells them what they can expect from your products, and over time, aims to build those emotional connections with them. They invest a bit of themselves in your brand and stay with you. At Bord Bia, we’ve complied a step-by-step workbook to help you get the best from your brand. It aims to provide a consistent approach to branding for Irish food and drink companies, covering everything from brand creation to launch and ongoing brand management. The workbook is an interactive process that asks questions, provides you with useful templates and gives you a brand model to complete. It also highlights examples of how successful brand models look. Get started now and download your copy of the Bord Bia Branding Workbook.

Branding Workbook Contents:

  • Stage 1: Groundwork: gathering information about what you know and identifying what you don’t know about your category, brand and the consumer
  • Stage 2: Building Brands: building on step one, you now start filling in the gaps and gathering essential understanding and insight. Creating a unique brand proposition that will connect your brand to the consumer.
  • Stage 3: Expression: bringing the brand to life through packaging design and communications
  • Stage 4: Launching: launching the brand into the marketplace to both trade and the consumer
  • Stage 5: Monitoring ensuring the brand stays on the right track.