Consumer Lifestyle Trends

The Consumer Lifestyle Trends programme identifies the biggest trends shaping people’s lives over the next three to five years. By keeping up with trends and understanding what’s coming next, the programme helps companies within the food and drink industry in Ireland to better prepare for the future needs and wants of their consumers.

The Thinking House at Bord Bia has developed an interactive website that helps showcase the major trends that are influencing today’s consumer. Find out more about the trends on

Bord Bia Trends Day 2018
In January 2018 Bord Bia hosted a Trends Day. The event focussed on worldwide trends that influence the modern-day consumer both now and moving into the future.

Three key topics on the day included:

  1. Third Age of Consumption
  2. Culinary Inspiration – Storytelling
  3. Understanding Snacking in Ireland and UK

To access the presentation from Trends Day 2018 please click HERE.