Innovation of new products, services and brands that really connect with consumers give you the opportunity to move into higher margin areas, to have more protectable income streams, and to build a strong, valued relationship with the retailer.

innovation-workbook-coverBord Bia has produced an Insights and Innovation Workbook to help you increase the chances of success by giving you a series of checks and balances on your innovation journey. We’ve based this workbook on our experiences and best practice from innovators around the world! Because we know that innovation driven by consumer insight leads to stronger more successful food and drink product launches, the process detailed in this workbook puts the consumer at the heart of everything. Get started on your innovation journey now and download the Bord Bia Insights & Innovation workbook.

Insights & Innovation Workbook Contents:

1. Stage 1: Groundwork gathering information about what you know and identifying what you don’t know about your category, brand and the consumer
2. Stage 2: Exploring refining the problem definition and starting to explore product opportunities
3. Stage 3: Refining tightening down the ideas and linking them to consumer needs
4. Stage 4: Viability understanding the numbers to ensure that you have a potentially profitable opportunity
5. Stage 5: Building a Brand creating a unique brand proposition that will connect your brand to the consumer
6. Stage 6: Expression bringing the brand to life through packaging design and communications
7. Stage 7: Launch taking the brand into the marketplace to both trade and the consumer