Inspiration Expeditions

Bord Bia’s Inspiration Expedition programme is an experiential tool designed to discover international influences, traditional dishes, liquors and beverages which in turn stimulate new food, ingredients, drink and packaging ideas.

MSV-NYCreative insight comes from visiting leading edge environments such as restaurants, food retailers, hotels, and anything new and exciting. The first element of any innovation project is to discover new ideas or concepts. Bord Bia can help inspire ideas and stimulate creative thinking through our Inspiration Expeditions – observational tours designed to motivate and inspire! Expeditions enable you to familiarise and stay in touch with relevant and changing consumer trends. They encourage you to uncover and experience all that is new, and also re-evaluate what is already known.

Inspiration Expeditions:

  • are based around the Bord Bia Consumer Lifestyle Trends with each tour having a main theme, e.g. ‘Health and Wellness’, ‘Living Life to the Full’
  • visit the most appropriate locations for each theme including London, Paris, New York and Tokyo
  • typically include overnight stays depending on location
  • are open to individuals from client companies
Whilst on the trip, participants can acquire expert opinions and insights into how best to transfer practices to their own business as we talk with local food and drink experts. These expeditions aim to stimulate new ideas, inspire and also bring business relationships together through networking opportunities. All participants receive a tour report including visual stimuli to share insights gleaned and enhance idea stimulation throughout their organisation. To date, Bord Bia has organised inspirational trips to San Francisco, New York, Cape Town, New Orleans & Miami, Turin, China, and Lyon. All reports are available on the Bord Bia website If you have any questions or wish to discuss the programme please contact Tom Collins at