Library Services

Bord Bia operates a library and information service, which is fully resourced by qualified librarians who manage an extensive library of consumer and marketing information. In 2015 alone, we managed +2,850 “Groundwork Searches” which helped the Irish food industry make better, more informed strategic decisions. “Groundwork Searches” typically help our clients find out what they know and more importantly what they don’t know about the market, channels, consumers, their own business, competitors and trade.

Whether you’re considering investing in entering a new market, re-branding, approaching a prospective buyer or launching a new product our team of librarians can help you differentiate between knowledge and assumptions by working off the most up to date available information from our vast collections of primary and secondary research in the form of online databases, reports, presentations, books, conference papers and marketing journals.

Clients can request professional “Groundwork Searches” from our team of librarians, who will match relevant consumer AND/OR marketing information with their respective information needs to help them reduce the risk and uncertainty that comes with the decision making process, so that they can ultimately make more informed business decisions.

Our library & information service is operational between 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. To request a professional “Groundwork Search” from our team of librarians email with “Groundwork Search” in the subject heading and provide us with a detailed description of your information need OR route your enquiry through your Sector Manager.