Library Services


Here at the Bord Bia library in The Thinking House, we believe that good information is the foundation of strong brands and successful new products.

Our team of professional librarians unlock access to information which helps deliver commercial growth.

Our world-class library and information service can help Bord Bia clients save time and money, reduce risk & uncertainty and make better, more informed decisions.

In 2017 the library team managed 4,700 library searches (“Tailored Groundwork Searches”) on behalf of the Irish Food, drink & horticulture industry!

If you’re a Bord Bia client looking for consumer, market or channel information and want to experience our Library & Information service, contact us at  then put “Tailored Groundwork Search” in the subject heading and provide us with a detailed description of your information need OR route your enquiry through your Sector Manager.