Frozen Food

The Frozen Food market is worth over €500m and is in growth of 7.3% year on year, as shoppers return more often to the aisles. Frozen Food sales are up 7% in the year to end March 2018. This is primarily driven by more trips to buy as shoppers return to the Frozen aisles more often. All sub-sectors are benefitting but Meat, Fish and Ice Cream are seeing the highest % increases year on year. Dunnes remains the no.1 Frozen Food retailer but SuperValu and Iceland are gaining share. Growth has been coming through increased trips consistently. The increase in the volume purchased on each trip is adding to growth since late 2017.

Ice-Cream is the largest sector within Frozen worth €99m, growing at +7.5% YoY. It is closely followed by Meat, Potato Products & Fish. All sectors are in growth.

Ireland has both large and small scale frozen food manufacturers. Manufactured in Ireland, household brand names such as Goodfellas, Green Isle and Weightwatchers can be found in frozen food aisles around the world. These large scale manufacturing plants provide significant employment and contribute to our growing food and drink exports.

In addition to these well-known brands the Irish frozen food industry manufacture under contract for international brands i.e. ice cream, ready meals and pizzas. Over the last ten years the industry has seen the emergence of smaller premium, functional and dietary products such as artisan ice cream, free from dairy products, small batch prepared foods and artisan pizzas.