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Starting your food business

How to get your business idea off the ground and up and running.

Marketing your business

Managing your costs and keeping everything in check as you work.

Insights for Business

Find out about markets, trends, products and categories.

 Product Introduction 

Product is the first 'P' in the marketing mix and arguably the most important element.  Price, place and promotion will have limited success if the product is deficient.

There are three levels you need to consider when thinking about a product:

  1. Core product: this is the core benefit a product will deliver or provide to consumers.  What are the core problem-solving benefits your product will deliver? 
  2. Actual product: this level is about the chacteristics of your product; it is the tangible, physical product.  This can include quality, design, brand name, features, and packaging.
  3. Augmented product: this level is about additional benefits and services which is built around the core product and actual product.  It is about providing add-ons that surpass expectations and differentiates your product from the competition.   

In this section, we will provide you with information and know-how so that you can either develop or adapt your product range so that your products add more consumer/customer value. 

Bord Bia Consumer Insight Research

Bord Bia has a number of resources and publications you can access to get up to date consumer insight.  These include Consumer Lifestyle Trends, Periscope, and a range of reports (sector and non-sector specific)  Find out more...

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