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 Promotion Introduction 

Promotion is the fourth 'P' in the Marketing Mix.  Companies often have to manage a complex communication system from suppliers to customers to consumers.  The promotions mix or marketing communications mix, companies use consists of:

To ensure that both your customers and consumers receive the messages you intend them to receive, it is important that you have an integrated marketing communications strategy i.e. you must ensure that all communication channels are integrated thus delivering clear and consistent messages about your company and products.

The Basics of Successful Brand Communication:

  • A clear and consistent message that focuses on and communicates your brand's essence in a way that is relevant and clearly understood by its target audiences.
  • Crucial to successful marketing communication is the ability to 'stand out' and be seen / heard in a competitive and 'noisy' marketplace.
  • Make a point of noting which other companies (not necessarily competitors) have communications that 'work for you'.  How do they do this?
  • Marketing communications are more effective when they are 'integrated', so that individual elements are organised behind one single, coherent message / big idea, which all activities contribute toward.

How to Develop Effective Communication:

  1. identify your target audience
  2. outline communication objectives
  3. create the message
  4. select channels of communication
  5. collect the feedback

This process is outlined in the next section, Public Relations.