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Starting your food business

How to get your business idea off the ground and up and running.

Marketing your business

Managing your costs and keeping everything in check as you work.

Insights for Business

Find out about markets, trends, products and categories.

 Working out the Finances 

Before you can start to source finance for the business, it is essential that it is established how much will be needed by the business to get up and running.

This section contains a number of subsections which look at how the user can go about compiling this information which are as follows:

A. Calculate the initial start up costs
B. Work out a Sales Forecast for the initial of the business
C. Work out a Cash Flow Forecast for the initial two/three years of the business
D. Calculate the funding required using the worksheet
E. Budgeting the start up

Important Note:

It is important that prior to this step or during this step you:

  • Ensure you have the correct analysis and market forecasts
  • Ensure you have initial quotations and costs in terms of various establishment costs (this module will help consolidate this)
  • Ensure you have calculated the running costs and variable costs (this module will help consolidate this also)